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Popular Press

Bee Craft

Bee Craft
  • Be Afraid, February 2017, Learner, J (pdf)
  • Imports and Exports, February 2017, Learner, J. (pdf)
  • The Hive Count and BeeBase, January 2017, Learner, J. (pdf)
  • A Passion for Insects, January 2017, Stainton, K. (pdf)
  • Asian Hornet Identified in Gloucestershire, September 2016, Learner, J. (pdf)
  • The History and Biology of a Honeybee Disease Chronic Bee Paralysis, September 2016, Budge, G., Stainton, K. (pdf)
  • The Need To Change Comb Learner, J. July 2016 (pdf)
  • A Follow Up to the Hive Count, A Big Thank You Learner, J. May 2016 (pdf)
  • SmartBees Update: Season One, Roberts, K., Learner, J., December 2015 (pdf)
  • Nematodes versus Small hive beetle, Cuthbertson, A.G.S., et al. September 2015 (pdf)
  • Sustainable Management of Resilient Bee Populations: Smart Bees, Roberts, k., Learner, J., May 2015 (pdf)
  • A New National Bee Unit Structure, Marris, M., Brown, M., Roberts, K., Parker, K., Wattam, A., Crews, H., Wilson, A. January 2015 (pdf)
  • Spring Preparation, Learner, J., Cierniak, D., Gellatly, F., December 2014 (pdf)
  • The Small Hive Beetle, Learner, J., Brown, M., November 2014 (pdf)
  • The Legality of Veterinary Medicines and Record Keeping, Learner, J., September 2014 (pdf)
  • EU Animal Health Regulations, Thompson, P., O'Keefe, M., Ridsdale, J., August 2014 (pdf)
  • Husbandry Advice for Beekeepers, Managing Varroa, Learner, J., June 2014 pp. 39-41 (pdf)
  • Improving Honey Bee Health, Marris, G., Learner, J., Brown, M., May 2014 pp. 33-35 (pdf)
  • Control of Small Hive Beetle Using Nematodes, Cuthbertson, A., Marris, G., et al., February 2014 pp. 30-31 (pdf)
  • The Sweet Truth; Honey Imports, Budge, G., Learner, J., December 2013 pp. 20-21 (pdf)
  • An Overview of Material Produced by the NBU; Advisory Information, Learner, J., Parker, K., November 2013 pp. 6-7 (pdf
  • Tracking infections and Differences Between Countries; Distinguishing between EFB Outbreaks, Haynes E, June 2013 pp.27-28 (pdf)
  • A Simple Hornet Monitoring Trap, Flatman I. June 2013 , P.30 (pdf)
  • Cases of Mistaken Identity. The Asian Hornet, Marris G,Roy H. June 2013, p.30-32. (pdf)
  • Life Cycle of the Small Hive Beetle, Aethina tumida, Cuthbertson A, Mathers J, Blackburn L, Marris G, May 2013 p32-33 (pdf)
  • Reflections From The National Bee Unit. The 2012 Field Season, Marris. G, Wattam. A., January 2013 p.35-39 (pdf)
  • EU Pilot Surveillance Programme: Part 2, Marris, G., Brown, B., October 2012 p9-11 (pdf)
  • EU Pilot Surveillance Programme: Part 1, Marris, G., Brown, B., September 2012 p9-11 (pdf)
  • Honey Bee Diagnostics at Fera: Part 2, Jones, B., Marris, G., 8th August 2012, p7-9 (pdf)
  • Honey Bee Diagnostics at Fera: Part 1, Jones, B., Marris, G., 7th July 2012, p17-19 (pdf)
  • Contingency Planning for the Small Hive Beetle, Jun 2012 (pdf)
  • The Random Apiary Survey (RAS) - Final Results, Budge, G., Brown, M., Marris, G., et al, January 2012 p1-2 (pdf)
  • Asian hornet risk assessments September & October 2011 (pdf)
  • Tropilaelaps: Part 1, June 2011 (pdf)
  • Containing the small hive beetle for research purposes, Oct 2010 (pdf)
  • What makes a great British beekeeper, Aug 2010 (pdf)
  • A year in the life of the NBU apiaries: Part 2, June 2010 (pdf)
  • A year in the life of the NBU apiaries: Part 1, June 2010 (pdf)
  • Feral Bees in the UK: The Real Story, Apr 2010 (pdf)
  • Training manual for beekeepers in developing countries, Feb 2010 (pdf)
  • The National Bee Unit: Working to protect the honey Bee, Jan 2010 (pdf on req)
  • Nosema ceranae, Jan 2008 (pdf)
  • Primates harvest bee nests in Ugandan national park, Jul 2007 (pdf)
  • Colony losses, Jun 2007 (pdf)
  • Contingency planning, Part 2, Jan 2007 (pdf) 
  • Contingency planning, Part 1, Dec 2006 (pdf)
  • A path fot the Ugandan honey pot, Nov 2006 (pdf)
  • Winter reflections, Apr 2006 (pdf)
  • The biological control of EFB, Ruth Waite, Sep 2004
  • Controlling European Foulbrood, Chris Barker, Mike Brown & Ruth waite, Jun 2004
  • The National Bee Unit (NBU) field service team, Ruth Waite & Mike Brown, Apr 2003
  • The Small Hive Beetle - A serious threat to European beekeeping,Ruth Waite & Mike Brown, Jan 2003
  • Pesticide Poisoning of Bees, Libby Barnett, Sep 2002
  • Development of resistance in bee pathogens, Ruth Waite, Jul 2002
  • The Hygienic Behaviour Study, Ruth Spinks, April 2002 (pdf)
  • The shook swarm technique - an answer to recurrent foulbrood? Ruth Spinks, Jan 2002
  • Update on Research at the National Bee Unit, Ruth Spinks, Oct 2001

British Beekeepers' Association News

Reducing Mite Populations through IPM, Gellatly, F., Learner, J., September 2017 (pdf)

Misusing Medicines and Substance Abuse, Learner, J. Molyneux, I, Bonner, D., August 2017 (pdf)

Meditating on Medicines, Learner, J. July 2017 (pdf)

Maximising apicultural investments, Budge G, June 2017, British Bee Journal 4: 5-6. (pdf)

Factors affecting European Foulbrood virulence. Burns N, June 2017, British Bee Journal 4: 7.

Friend, foe or free rider: An uncertain honey bee symbiont, Drew G, June 2017, British Bee Journal 4: 8.

The Hunt is On, Learner, J. February 2017 (pdf)

Chronic Bee Paralysis: The History and Biology, Budge, G., Stainton, K., December 2016 (pdf)

Small Hive Beetle Distribution, Brown, M., Learner, J., June 2016 (pdf)

The Effect of Dietary Pollen on the Health and Behaviour of Honeybees, Jones, B., June 2016 (pdf)

Making Sense of the Count, Learner, J. March 2016 (pdf)

The Great British Non - Native Species Strategy 2015, Lee, C., Learner, J., December 2015 (pdf)

An Introduction to the NBU New eLearning Site, Learner, J. September 2015 (pdf)

Friend or Foe: Establishing the role of Arsenophonus in honey bee health Drew, G., June 2015 (pdf)

American Foulbrood PhD Update, Morrissey, B., February 2015 (pdf)

Top Pitfalls of the Novice Beekeeper, Learner, J., February 2015 (pdf)

Small Hive Beetle in South West Italy, Flatman, I., Jones, S., January 2015 (pdf)

Tracking Honeybee Disease, Tomkies, V., Budge, G., December 2014 (pdf)

Call to Action: Supporting our Pollinators, Shin, R., October 2014 (pdf)

Disease Accreditation Scheme for Honeybees (DASH), Learner, J., August 2014 (pdf)

A European Study on Honey Bee Losses, Marris, G., Brown, M., July 2014 (pdf)

Improving Honey Bee Health: Responses to the Bee Health Policy Review Update, Marris, G., Brown, M., Learner, J., June 2014 (pdf)

Hive Cleaning, Sterilisation and Good Practices for the Hobbyist Beekeeper, Learner, J., June 2014 (pdf)

European Foulbrood (EFB) Research, Haynes, E., February 2014 (pdf)

Improving Honey Bee Health: Responses to the Bee Health Policy Review, Chadwick, K., Holmes, M. January 2014 (pdf)

the Life of a Bee Inspector, Semmence, N., December 2013 p. 11-13 (pdf)

Imported Bees, Learner, J., November 2013 p.7-9 (pdf)

Asian Hornet: Cases of Mistaken Identity, Marris, G., Roy, H., October 2013 p.17-18 (pdf)

The Use of Authorised and Non - Authorised Veterinary Products, Learner, J., The Veterinary Medicines Directorate, September 2013 p.25 (pdf)

Nosema ceranae, a Causative Agent of Nosemosis in the UK, Learner, J., August 2013 p9-10 (pdf)

Small Hive Beetle Monitoring In England and Wales, Brown, M., Marris, G., Flatman, I., August 2013 p22-24 (pdf)

New eLearning Programme for Beekeepers, Parker K., July 2013, p13-14 (pdf)

Buying and Selling Bees, Marris, G., Flatman, I., Wattam, A., Brown, M., Ball, R., April 2013, p11-12 (pdf)

Introducing Queens, Marris, G., Jones, B., Cierniak, D., Wilford, J., Brown, M., Ball, R., March 2013, p11-13 (pdf)

Signing up to BeeBase, Marris, G., Brown, M., Cook, J., February 2013, p23-24 (pdf)

The Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme, Wilkins, S., Charlton, A., Marris, G., January 2013, p24 (pdf)

Feeding Pollen and Substitutes, National Bee Unit, January 2013, p7 (pdf)

Honey Bee Health in the EU: European Union Pilot Surveillance Programme, Marris, G., Brown, B., October 2012, p21 (pdf)

Networking and Other Challenges of doing a PhD in European Foulbrood, Haynes, E., October 2012, p17 (pdf)

Feeding Bees, National Bee Unit, August 2012, p7-8 (pdf)

The Sentinel Apiary Programme for England and Wales, Flatman, I., Marris, G., July 2012, p8 (pdf)

Handling and Examining a Colony of Bees, National Bee Unit, July 2012, p5 (pdf)

The Random Apiary Survey Findings, Budge, G., Brown, M., Pietravalle, S., Marris, G., and the National Bee Unit Inspectors, June 2012, p21-24 (pdf)

Disease Recognition, National Bee Unit, June 2012, p7-8 (pdf)

Biology and Spread of European Foul Brood: Some Preliminary Results, Haynes, E., May 2012, p19 (pdf)

Taking and Hiving a Swarm, National Bee Unit, May 2012, p7-8 (pdf)

Varroa, National Bee Unit, March 2012, p17-18 (pdf)

Apiary and Hive Hygiene, National Bee Unit, February 2012, p21 (pdf)

Inspecting Alternative Hive Types, Semmence, N., January 20012, p21-22 (pdf)

Healthy Bees Plan News and Highlights: Update on plans for 2011–2012, Healthy Bees Project Manager, November 2011, p22 (pdf)

Hive Cleaning and Sterilisation, Marris, G. and Ball, R., October 2011, p15-18 (pdf)

The Potential of Biological Control of Varroa using Entomopathogenic Fungi, Cuthbertson, A. G. S., Sept 2011, p22. (pdf)

Tropilaelaps: The Need to Remain Vigilant, Marris, G., Cuthbertson, A. G. S., Eyre, D., Brown, M., August 2011, p22 (pdf)

Feeding Bees, Jones, S., August 2011, p5-6 (pdf)

Pesticides and Honey Bees - The Risk Assessment Process in the EU, June 2011, p19-p22 (pdf)

Managing Bees to Maximise Honey Production, Jones, B., Wilford, J., Cierniak, D., May 2011 p18-19 (pdf)

Bee Husbandry Survey, Feb 2010

Meet the researchers, Dr Giles Budge, Feb 2010 (pdf)

Safeguarding UK apiculture against the small hive beetle, Selwyn Wilkins, Jan 2005

Cuthbertson, A.G.S. (2005). Research update from the National Bee Unit. British Bee Keeping Association Newsletter, December issue, 16: 19.

Imports of bees to the EU and UK. An update on the field testing kits for foulbrood diseases, Mike Brown & Ruth Waite, June 2003

Mites beehiving badly! Ruth Waite, Apr 2003

Thinking about sending a sample of bees to the NBU? A few tips… Ruth Waite, Feb 2003

The Small Hive Beetle Found in Australia. Prevention of Residues in Honey, Celle 2002. PhD student research update. Answers to queries on AFB and varroa, Ruth Waite & Lee Robinson, Dec 2002

The New NBU Varroa Model, Ruth Waite, Dec 2002

Testing for resistant Varroa Worried about residues in wax? Ruth Waite, Aug 2002

Current Research at the National Bee Unit, Ruth Spinks, Jul 2002

Rogues Gallery (Exotic pests of bees) Ruth Waite, Jun 2002

News from the National Bee Unit: The HortLINK P.l.p. project. New student for the BBKA Studentship. The shook swarm technique - What is it and does it work? Ruth Waite & Lee Robinson, Apr 2002

The Varroa model, Stephen Martin, Jan 1997

Bee Farmers Association

Chronic Bee Paralysis: Past, Present and Future, Budge, G., August 2017 (pdf)

The Hunt is On, Learner, J., Semmence, N., February 2017 (pdf)

Hygiene and Barrier Management, Learner, J., December 2016 (pdf)

The Effect of Dietary Pollen on the Health and Behaviour of Honey Bees, Jones, B., October 2016 (pdf

The Arrival of the Asian Hornet, Learner, J., October 2016 (pdf)

Bee Health Professional Development, Morgan, K. June 2016 (pdf)

A SmartBees Update: Season One Roberts, K., Learner, J., June 2016 (pdf)

Morgan, K., Learner, J., Disease Accreditation Scheme for Honeybees December 2015 (pdf)

Brown, M., Learner, J., Importing bees August 2015 (pdf)

Welsh Beekeepers' Association News

Please see the WBKA website for more information or see below for examples of recent NBU articles:

  • WBKA News Article, BeeBase, A free online resource for beekeepers 2010

Other Press

  • So you want to keep bees? Brown, M.A.. (2004). Bee World 85: 65-66
  • Honey bees essential for crop pollination in Farming Life, 24th February 2007. Cuthbertson, A.G.S. & Brown, M.A. pp 30. (PDF)
  • 'Threats to an ecosystem service: pressures on pollinators.' The Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2013, Adam J Vanbergen and the Insect Pollinators Initiative (PDF)

Biodiversity News

Cuthbertson, A.G.S. & Marris, G. (2011). Honey bees: essential for pollination. Biodiversity News, 52: 16-17. (PDF)

Cuthbertson, A.G.S. & Brown, M.A. (2006). The value of the honey bee and the need for it to be protected. Biodiversity News, 35: 14-15. (PDF)