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Hive Count

The National Bee Unit needs YOU to update your records!

The UK is committed to taking action to improve the state of our pollinators and recently published strategies set out how, by working together, we can ensure a thriving and sustainable pollinator population.

One of the first things we need to do is to improve our current understanding of our honey bee population and monitor how this changes over time. The discovery of Asian hornet in Gloucestershire during September 2016 demonstrated the need for accurate and up to date figures for the number of beekeepers and hives in all areas of the UK. This information is vital to our planning and preparation for the incursion of a bee pest and helps us to respond effectively to any introduction of a pest. Having the correct information enables us to alert beekeepers with colonies that may be vulnerable to the pest, identify sites where the pest might be found and plan our surveillance/detection activities.

The National Hive Count aims to help us do this!

We are asking all beekeepers to help by notifying us of the number of hives they owned on 1st November 2016. Using this date helps us to ensure consistency across the country by reflecting the national position at a single point in time. Please provide this information by 31st December. If for any reason you are unable to update your BeeBase records before this date, your response will still be counted and will feed into next autumn’s Hive Count.

Please click this link to update your Hive Count.

Our Frequently Asked Questions provide guidance on how to do this. If you have any other questions not covered by this please don’t hesitate to contact us by:

Telephone: 0300 3030094

Please be aware that we will be dealing with a very large volume of calls and enquiries from beekeepers. However, we aim to respond to your enquiry within 5 working days.

The project is led by the National Bee Unit and supported by Defra, the Welsh Government, Scottish Government, DAERA, British Beekeepers Association, Welsh Beekeepers Association, Scottish Beekeepers Association, International Bee Research Association, and the National Diploma in Beekeeping.

We thank you in advance for your assistance in this project.

National Bee Unit
January 2016