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Training & Advice

Training in Beekeeping

Training in Beekeeping

A very important element of the work of the National Bee Unit and its Bee Inspectors is the provision of assistance to beekeepers on a wide range of bee health and husbandry issues.

This ranges from beekeeping advice given to individual beekeepers during apiary inspections through to large-scale organised lectures, apiary training sessions, day workshops and training seminars. These are organised at the NBU and Fera laboratories at Sand Hutton and right across in England and Wales by NBU Inspectors. In many areas beekeeping associations play an active and key role in helping us with these sessions.

NBU field-based Bee Inspectors and York-based staff are able to assist beekeepers by providing a range of training including:

  • Training on foulbrood recognition and control; American foulbrood (AFB) and European foulbrood (EFB), recognition of other brood disorders and conditions, managing Varroa, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and recognition of the exotic pests Aethina tumida, Small hive beetle and Tropilaelaps mites;
  • Good husbandry and apiary management;
    • Practical apiary demonstrations and safaris;
    • Inspection services for voluntary apiary inspection tours, organised by local Beekeeping Associations covering their members' bees;
    • Training and information to local experienced beekeepers (advisers) who can act as a first point of contact for beekeepers with bee-health queries or concerns;
    • Assisting beekeeping associations with training, e.g. BBKA, WBKA or BFA training initiatives.


      The National Bee Unit also provides beekeeping consultancy services and training for government and industry overseas. NBU staff have recent experience in working in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Contact the

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      for more details.

      NBU Advisory Leaflets

      Please see the publications pages for the NBU advisory leaflets, fact sheets and popular press articles produced for BeeCraft, BBKA, Welsh Beekeepers and Bee Farmers Association.