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NBU Contacts

General Enquiries
National Bee Unit, The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA),
National Agri-Food Innovation Campus, Sand Hutton, York, YO41 1LZ, UK Email:

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Telephone: +44 0300 3030094
Fax: +44(0)1904 462240

Do you have a question?

For enquiries relating to bumblebees, please contact the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

For enquiries relating to swarms and general beekeeping husbandry, please contact the British Beekeepers Association or the Welsh Beekeepers Association

Before contacting us, please take a look at our FAQ page to see if your question is answered there. Thank you.

NBU Office
Research Lead - Bee Health (Fera) Giles Budge

Telephone: 01904 462375
Technical Advisor Jason Learner

Telephone: 0208 026 2495
National Bee Inspector Julian Parker

Telephone: 01494 488393
Mobile: 07775 119469
Office Manager Kate Wilson

Telephone: 0300 3030094
Office Support Lesley Debenham

Telephone: 0300 3030094
Office Support Madeline Baker

Telephone: 0300 3030094
Head of National Bee Unit Mike Brown

Telephone: 0300 3030094
Contingency Planning and Science Officer Nigel Semmence

Telephone: 0208 2256602
Mobile: 07776 493649

Beekeeper in Scotland?
General contact details for your local Bee Inspector can be found at:

Lead Bee Inspector - Scotland
Stephen Sunderland
Scottish Government Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate,
Mail: P Spur, Saughton House, Broomhouse Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 3XD
Phone: For bee health information and related matters leave message with Vicky O'Donnell on 0300 244 9873

Find my nearest inspector


We are currently carrying some Regional and Seasonal Inspector vacancies, if there is not an Inspector listed for your region, please contact the NBU Office or Julian Parker (National Bee Inspector) in the first instance.

Region: Northern England
Counties Included Cheshire
County Durham
Greater Manchester
Tyne & Wear
Regional Bee Inspector Ian Molyneux

Tel No: 01204 381186
Mobile No: 07815 872604
Seasonal Bee Inspectors Chris Appleby

Mobile No: 07990 138900

Julia Hoggard

Mobile No: 07900 394303

Mark McLoughlin

Mobile No: 07500 891425

Graham Royle

Mobile No: 07500 891423

John Zamorski

Mobile No: 07775 119446

Region: Western England
Counties Included Gloucestershire
West Midlands
Regional Bee Inspector Colin Pavey

Tel No: 01989 740864
Mobile No: 07775 119471
Seasonal Bee Inspectors Elizabeth Gardner

Mobile No: 07867 351610

Keren Green

Mobile No: 07901 517779

Noel Parker

Mobile No: 07900 404245

Colleen Reichling

Mobile No: 07990 138898

Region: North East England
Counties Included Derbyshire
East Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
South Yorkshire
West Yorkshire
Regional Bee Inspector Ivor Flatman

Tel No: 01924 252795
Mobile No: 07775 119436
Seasonal Bee Inspectors Dhonn Atkinson

Mobile No: 07775 119437

Nick Mitchell

Mobile No: 07796 548575

Timothy Roper

Mobile No: 07775 119441

Adrian Wilford

Mobile No: 07775 119444

Region: Eastern England
Counties Included Bedfordshire
Regional Bee Inspector Keith Morgan

Tel No: 01485 520838
Mobile No: 07919 004215
Seasonal Bee Inspectors David Bonner

Mobile No: 07775 119434

David Burns

Mobile No:

Peter Davies

Mobile No: 07900 292160

Frederick Daynes

Mobile No: 07775 119435

Peter Folge

Mobile No: 07775 119433

Paul Horton

Mobile No: 07979 119372

Region: South West England
Counties Included Avon
Scilly Isles
Regional Bee Inspector Simon Jones

Tel No: 01823 442228
Mobile No: 07775 119459
Seasonal Bee Inspectors Eleanor Burgess

Mobile No: 07775 119465

Leila Goss

Mobile No: 07775 119453

Martin Hann

Mobile No: 07979 119377

Eric James

Mobile No: 07979 119369

David Packham

Mobile No: 07775 119463

Hazel Vallis

Mobile No: 07775 119457

Region: Southern England
Counties Included Berkshire
Isle of Wight
Regional Bee Inspector Jonathan Palmer

Tel No:
Mobile No: 07900 405018
Seasonal Bee Inspectors Gordon Bull

Mobile No: 07867 351626

Robert Carpenter Turner

Mobile No: 07775 119464

Adrian Kelly

Mobile No: 07901 517983

Robert Poole

Mobile No: 07990 138894

Kevin Pope

Mobile No: 07775 119466

Phillip Spillane

Mobile No: 07775 119470

Region: South East England
Counties Included East Sussex
Greater London
West Sussex
Regional Bee Inspector Sandra Gray

Tel No: 01787 211531
Mobile No: 07775 119430
Seasonal Bee Inspectors Michael Cooper

Mobile No: 07775 119451

Hilary Hayward

Mobile No: 07900 167409

Brian McCallum

Mobile No: 07775 119478

Mark Patterson

Mobile No: 07900 223241

Diane Steele

Mobile No: 07775 119452

Kay Wreford

Mobile No: 07775 119483

Region: Wales
Counties Included Clwyd
Mid Glamorgan
South Glamorgan
West Glamorgan
Regional Bee Inspector Francis Gellatly

Tel No: 01267 202732
Mobile No: 07775 119480
Seasonal Bee Inspectors Paul Aslin

Mobile No: 07867 351605

Adrian Bowen

Mobile No: 07775 119489

Tony Davis

Mobile No: 07900 166018

Daniel Etheridge

Mobile No: 07979 119376

Jonathan Garratt

Mobile No: 07775 119479

Margaret Gill

Mobile No: 07979 119373

Adam Parker

Mobile No: 07990 138902

Karen Smith

Mobile No: 07979 119374

Edmund Thomas

Mobile No: 07901 517813

Christopher Welton

Mobile No: 07900 166143