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Adult Bee Diseases

There are a number of adult bee diseases that affect adult bees, for example, Nosemosis, (two species currently known to affect honey bees Nosema apis, Nosema ceranae), Amoeba (Malpighamoeba mellificae) and Acarapisosis, caused by tracheal mites (also known as Acarine causative organism Acarapis woodi). 

Honey bees are also subject to infection from a range of different viruses which vary in the severity of symptoms and incidence. All viruses have the potential to cause harm but many viruses associated with Varroa can be controlled if mite populations in a colony are also controlled.

To the left you will find a navigation tab which lists each disease. Click on each one to find out more about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment (if any exists) of each disease.

Page reviewed - 16/03/2020