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Bee Health Advisory Forum

Honey bee heading for cherry

The Bee Health Advisory Forum was formed in October 2012 and replaced the Healthy Bees Plan (HBP) Project Management Board.

The Forum provides an opportunity for early discussion on emerging or developing bee health issues, includes input and advice to policy development as well as increasing transparency and understanding for all participants of positions across the range of bee health interests.

Here are the Bee Health Advisory Forum Terms of Reference


Minutes will be uploaded as soon as they become available after the meeting. Click on the date to view each set:

48th meeting scheduled for 26th June 2024

47th meeting scheduled for 7th March 2024

46th meeting on 7th December 2023

45th meeting on 25th October 2023

44th meeting on 22nd June 2023

43rd meeting on 16th March 2023

42nd meeting on 8th December 2022

41st meeting on 8th September 2022

40th meeting on 30th June 2022

39th meeting on 3rd March 2022

38th meeting on 9th December 2021

37th meeting on 9th September 2021

36th meeting on 24th June 2021

35th meeting on 25th February 2021

34th meeting on 3rd December 2020

33rd meeting on 10th September 2020

32nd meeting on 18th June 2020

31st meeting on 6th March 2020

30th meeting on 5th December 2019

29th meeting on 18th September 2019

28th meeting on 21st June 2019

27th meeting on 25th February 2019

26th meeting on 21st November 2018

25th meeting on 25th September 2018

24th meeting on 19th June 2018

23rd meeting on 20th March 2018

22nd meeting on 12th December 2017

21st meeting on 21st September 2017

20th meeting on 27th June 2017

19th meeting on 8th December 2016

18th meeting on 29th September 2016

17th meeting on 16th March 2016

16th meeting on 10th December 2015

15th meeting on 24th September 2015

14th meeting on 18th June 2015

13th meeting on 30th March 2015

12th meeting on 4th December 2014

11th meeting on 23rd September 2014 [MINUTES NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE]

10th meeting on 17th July 2014

9th meeting on 25th April 2014

8th meeting on 6th February 2014

7th meeting on 26th November 2013

6th meeting on 11th October 2013

Apiculture meeting on 2nd August 2013

5th meeting on 12th July 2013

4th meeting on 3rd June 2013

3rd meeting on 25th March 2013

2nd meeting on 31st January 2013

1st meeting on 29th October 2012