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Diseases and Pests

These pages give details of honey bee pests and diseases that all beekeepers must be aware of to maintain productive stocks of bees. They provide details of biology, impact and management options for a range of infestations and infections and, where available, information about current incidence.

Current Disease Incidence

The Disease Incidence and Reports pages gives live information about the location of confirmed cases of European foulbrood (EFB), American foulbrood (AFB) and Varroa in England, Wales and Scotland. It also provides information on imports of bees. Data from the inspections programme is updated daily during the beekeeping season. This information is important so that beekeepers can remain vigilant when knowing the whereabouts of diseased apiaries (10km square basis). These pages also provide details on the surveillance for exotic threats and recent disease trends.

Details of every apiary inspection and laboratory diagnosis carried out by the NBU are held on the secure pages of BeeBase. This enables the production of accurate and up-to-date information on the distribution of notifiable bee disease data. These are generated with reference to the 10km Ordnance Grid System, details of which can be found in any Atlas or Ordnance Survey map.

The media gallery also has many useful images that should help you with identifying pests and diseases in your bees.

AFB 'ropiness' test